it-is-well-by-james-d-shipmanJames D. Shipman delivers a touching, heart-warming story of a middle-aged man whose life flips 180 degrees in a matter of seconds. He runs a store in a tiny town, and he doesn't really need much to be happy - all he wants is stability. However, when the Japanese attack Pearl Harbor, the United States join WW2, and the war leaves its big, ugly scar on Jonathan's family.

The man's eldest son gets trapped on an island somewhere in the Pacific that's occupied by the enemy's soldiers. His irresponsible younger son doesn't want to stay at home, and, despite his father's warnings, decides to join the army. And finally, his smart, devoted daughter runs away with an abusive fella, even though her dad wanted her to go to college.

So, the man is on the verge of breaking down, as the financial and emotional devastations are just too big for him to handle. He's always been a man of faith, but war changes everybody and even Jonathan starts to have his doubts. Fortunately, the horrors of war can also bring two people together, and when Sarah, a beautiful widow, appears in his life, everything seems to be getting back to normal.

She's kind, warm-hearted and compelling. But, despite his strong affection, Jonathan is doing everything in his power to stay true to his wife that passed away years ago. It Is Well is a subtle, intelligent, uplifting novel about human suffering, healing, moving on and finding true love in the middle of a world war. James D. Shipman is a master of writing tender, riveting stories; so, if you appreciate honest, funny, charming tales, make sure to grab your copy!

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