It-Started-With-A-Kiss-By-Marina-AdairAvery, the main character of this wonderful romantic novel, went through a kidney transplant, and now she's focused on living this life to the fullest and getting the most out of what it can offer. Yet, there's one tiny problem: she's never been much of an explorer, and science camp back when she was just a kid is pretty much the biggest adventure in her experience.

But, summer is ragin', and the beautiful townlet is attracting all kinds of tourists. So, Avery decides that it would be a great idea to become a guide. After all, how hard can it be, right? At the same time, the girl could never imagine that one of the adventurers would be a big, tall, shredded and good-looking fella with that irresistible alpha-male attitude.

Tyson is one of the brightest members of the Mountain Rescue brigade, and he's used to messing around with death and helping the overly-zealous travelers from the dangerous terrain. Tyson doesn't stay in one place for too long and prefers to travel the world - that's the reason why women can't make him settle down - he's a free bird, so to speak. However, when his father's health puts his family's little business in jeopardy, he rushes back home.

There's nothing that can excite or entertain him in this little town, but when he first lays eyes on Avery, the sexy new guide, he forgets about his motto not to stick around in any place for more than just a couple of weeks. She's got a flame inside of her, a big spirit, a desire to live, and that makes the man believe in the power of love once again. It Started with a Kiss is an inspiring, moving and beautifully-written romantic novel, a heart-pounding story that will leave you speechless.

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