It-Started-With-A-Scandal-By-Julie-Anne-LongJulie Anne Long's brand-new novel, It Started with a Scandal, is a witty, fascinating and delightful romantic story that's a must-have for all the history romance fans out there. It's got major twists, a gripping, intriguing plot, plus, the writing style is superb. The characters are as appealing as ever and there's also a nice dose of humor in those pages to keep the readers entertained and ready for whatever comes next.

Lord Philippe set sails once with only one goal - to restore his family's honor and get the fortune that's rightfully his. However, just when it seemed like he was destined to win, a ruthless attack devastated him and his crew and he ended up in Pennyroyal Green. At the same time, Elise Fountain, the second key character in It Started with a Scandal, had to deal with her own problems and headaches.

Her family is avoiding her, and they fire her from out of the blue, even though she really loved her job. In order to survive, she'll have to get a few "social stairs" down and try to hold on to a position that no young lady could ever master before: taking care of a monstrous prince's house. Elise has a gentle, kind heart, but she also got a bold, lively character that allows her to see through the man's shattered body and touch his soul.

She manages to make his heart beat faster and his blood rush like crazy. So, a man who was convinced he'll never love a woman and a girl who thought it would be impossible for her to trust again will have to deal with a ground-scorching passion that can either save them both and bring new meaning to their lives or devastate their souls and ruin everything.

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