It's-In-His-Heart-By-Shelly-AlexanderThis fantastic series includes 3 wonderful romantic novels for the ladies that will lift up your spirits and inspire. It's In His Heart is the 1st installment in the trilogy and one of Shelly Alexander's best books to date. Ella is enraged: she's soaking wet, covered in some kind of mud, and angry as hell. All she ever wanted was to have some time to herself and run away from all the craziness.

Hiding in her cabin seemed like the perfect getaway plan. Maybe that would help her deal with the pain of losing Bradley, her man, and finally move on with her life. Who knows, maybe she could also put those finishing touches to her 3rd book in the ground-breaking series. However, when she first arrives at the ill-fated cabin, she finds Cooper, her late husband's handsome best friend, a man that can turn ladies on with just a simple smile, and a guy that the girl has never, ever, liked.

The storm is raging, and that always means trouble is coming. Or happiness - she could never tell with these things. Coop's going through a rough patch as well: he's trapped in a nasty legal "debate", and he had to sell his house just to escape jail time. Now, with the legal fees covered, he has no other place to go but the shabby cabin. So, Ellie will have to live under the same roof with a fella that she kinda hates...

But hey, what if their mutual animosity is just the first step towards a passionate, sexy affair? Ella's mighty new book is about to rock the townlet, but if her "secret identity" gets exposed, that could mean disaster - for both of them. The girl will have to decide once and for all: does she want to be a famous-yet-scandalous writer or just a regular woman with the right kind of man beside her?

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