Jack has never been a big fan of affluent, luxuriant living and was more than glad to leave his family's riches and live in a nice, cozy cabin right in the middle of the woods. An axe to chop some wood, a warm bed at night and some food on the table - that's all he needs to be happy. He's a modest, honest, real fella who appreciates hard work and dedication.

And when Elizabeth first sees him in the mountains with that huge axe in his hands, she can't get herself to stop from staring. Those big, bulky arms look perfect handling that wood. Yes, it's safe to say that he's just the right man for a lady. But Lizzie is not exactly out looking for the perfect man to marry - no, she' got other plans. Aldus, his half-bro, is blackmailing the poor thing: he's got her sis locked up somewhere, and the only way for Elizabeth to rescue her is to bring the evil man a priceless family heirloom.

Sounds easy enough, huh? Well, not quite, as Jack is wearing it on his finger all the time! Luckily, she's got some experience with getting what she wants, so, all she needs to do in this situation is stay calm, control her feelings and not fall for the guy. That's the number one rule: whatever you do, don't fall for the "victim".

But, nothing's ever that simple when it comes to Jack, and soon Lizzie learns that the hard way. His hands can handle more than just chopped wood and axe, and she's been looking for a man like that her entire life, even though she can't admit that to herself. All it's gonna take for the "mission" to be successful is one night with Jack. One night to save her sister? Deal! Jacked is a brilliant romantic thriller by the lovely Melinda Minx. As far as steamy slash smutty bad-boy stories go, this one's right on the top!

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