Back in '64, McKeon was a sweet 19-year-old girl, an innocent lady. She was lucky enough to land the "gig" of the personal assistant to none other than Jacqueline Kennedy. They spent the next 3 decades of their lives together, and Jackie has always had only the nicest things to say about her.

Kathy did a great job of helping raise the royal kiddos and also had an exclusive access to some of the greatest events of the previous century. You could call this book a coming-of-age autobiography, a testimony to the greatness of the lovely family and all the vital life lessons that the author learned from the fancy, stylish, yet kind-hearted and gracious first lady of the mighty US.

Now, because McKeon was always at the legendary woman's side, Rose used to call her “Jackie’s Girl," and the nickname kinda stuck. And, even though Kathy did call her employee “Madam,” because that was a part of the "royal ritual", she always looked up to her as a big sister figure, who, in more than one way, taught her how to be a proper lady and find her place in this ever-changing world.

Kathy was on the front row when Robert was killed and did everything in her power to make sure Jackie and the kids were alright. Going through something like that is never easy, but, thanks to McKeon's dedication and kind, loving heart, the Kennedys made it through all the nightmares in their lives. Jackie's Girl is a breath-taking look at the routines of one of the most iconic figures of the previous century, and it's also a touching, thought-provoking story of a lovely girl finding her place and purpose in a foreign country.

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