Jamie's Food Tube the Bbq Book: The Ultimate 50 Recipes To Change The Way You Barbecue

Jamies-Food-Tube-the-Bbq-BookJamie has personally chosen his favourite subjects for this Food Tube series, DJ BBQ's BBQ recipes fulfil Jamie's high food standards of quality, flavour and fun.

DJ BBQ's top BBQ set up advice, cooking techniques and collection of exciting barbeque recipes will transform your barbeque from entertaining to catertaining.

Goodbye sad burnt sausages, hello Bodacious Burgers and Rad Rum Ribs! DJ BBQ's smokin' hot recipes include: Cherry-wood smoked chicken, Bodacious burgers and Classic Texan brisket, as well as Candied pork tenderloin, Kick-ass fish tacos and Grilled tomato slabs.

DJ BBQ states in his superb BBQ Book, Barbq, Barbeque, or Asado is a place where people come together for music, food, smoke, drinks, and a heavy dose of friendly smack talk of who's is best. BBQ is as communal as Thanksgiving Dinner and the Memorial Day celebrations are in the States. It's a Tradition. Memorial Fillers. BBQ's leave lasting memories of smoke, smells, people, and tastes as DJ BBQ discovers in his quest for great Fish Tacos.

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