Jeppesen - Private Pilot Manual


It is complete and provides easy to comprehend explanations (normally with useful diagrams, charts, or photographs) that make learning relatively painless. It was an excellent refresher for me as well, as single engine VFR flying is not what I do on a daily basis anymore. I highly recommend this book to CFI's for their students, to any Private Pilot or Private Pilot candidate, or to any advanced pilot as a refresher of the basics.

The only complaints are heard from students are in regard to the relatively high price of the book. The response is that this one book contains the best explanations of the most important concepts needed to pass your written, oral, and practical exams before becoming a Private Pilot, and is an excellent reference to be referred to in the days to come. Flying isn't cheap. The economy is a good thing, but you need to know when to skimp and when to spend. This book is an excellent investment.

The reader: This is an A to Z flight training product. Every line is packed with info. Every line is well written and comprehensible. I wish this product had been available when I first started flying in 1964. I would have been the smartest and best informed VFR pilot on the block. I've read it now, and I have to tell you I'm a lot pilot smarter for it. It answers questions I have tucked away for years. It is deep with thoughts and answers that only a writer with incredible insight would bring to a training manual. These people know how to write a manual. I go back to it constantly, to refresh; and I still find more enlightenment that I missed during the original reading. I just have a big 'Wow!' to give this manual.

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