Max knows everything there is to know about fancy custom cars and can fix just about anything related to cars. As for his love life, the man is not a big fan of relationships and strong commitments: he's more of a one-night-stand kind of a guy, and he's enjoying the company of the sexiest women without hurting anyone or making himself change his ways.

The ladies want a man that looks like an athlete, has that alpha-male "vibe" and can "perform" exceptionally on and off the bed. Well, that's what this guy knows to do best! But, when Henley, a gorgeous young woman, comes into his life without a proper warning, all of his glorious plans stop being relevant. She's a sizzling hot brunette with an attitude, and that's exactly what turns Max on.

She's gifted, smart, feisty, knows her way around cars and doesn't seem to be affected by his charm. Now, they've been the biggest rivals for years, so there are some sparks flying in the air, no doubt against that. And, as it turns out, they're supposed to work on the same project together, which gives them a lot of time to "catch up", so to speak. It's safe to say that this is a life-defining project for both of them.

There's a lot of tension between the two, but Max can't quite figure out what's on Henley's mind: does she want to kick him where it hurts the most, or is she trying to tell him that she's ready for some real action? He needs to keep his head straight and think about the project 24/7, but he can’t get her out of his head. Joy Ride is a hyper-sexy and smutty romantic novel about a handsome alpha male, a gorgeous femme fatale, and an all-consuming love affair.

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