Julie, the heroine of Anne Fortier's latest breath-taker, receives a key to a mysterious box in Italy that is believed to be holding great family treasures. Soon, she finds herself on a hazardous and life-changing trip into the rich and exciting history of her ancestor.

Back when she was a young woman, Giulietta was madly in love with a boy named Romeo, and their relationship created a lot of buzz in their hometown, to say the least. Yes, that's right - Giulietta is the girl that Shakespeare wrote his legendary tragedy about, and, as Julie meets with the children of the now-iconic families, she learns that the old sayings (or, rather, curses) are true and that she's going to be in a lot of trouble soon.

It's safe to presume that the one and only person in the whole world who can protect and save the woman from a terrifying fate is a man called Romeo. But the problem is - Julie has no idea where he is or where she should start looking for him. Who could her mysterious savior be, and how does she track him? The girl could never expect to get into such a turbulent rollercoaster when she first learned of the key to the safe.

This journey will change her completely, define her future and leave a strong mark on her family. That is if she manages to find her Romeo in time, of course. Anne Fortier wrote an awesome historical romance/drama that will be equally appreciated by the fans of Shakespeare's masterpiece and the readers that love a good story with heart, passion, a strong narrative and a happy ending. There's enough suspense and tension in these pages to keep you up all night!

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