Ellie's life used to be picture-perfect: she had a brilliant career, a gorgeous house, and a dashing man as her future husband. Ellie and Rob looked like an ideal couple - successful, stylish, fancy, beautiful, and in love with each other. Every single person who knew them was confident that these two would be great together.

However, just when she said "I do" on the most important day in her life, a terrifying secret shocked her from the inside and threatened to destroy everything she's been working for. Ellie learned that the wonderful man that she just agreed to marry is not really who he is and has been hiding his horrifying past from her. She fell in love with him the second they met and thought that he was the perfect gentleman, a great father for their future kids.

But now she's broken, and the more she digs into the truth, the deeper she gets involved with his world of lies and betrayals. Rob has killed someone, and some rough-tough people are coming after him. She's the only person who can help him, but, by deciding to stick with him, she put her own life in great danger. Rob could never think that the love of his life would become a part of his crazy world, but now his enemies are using her as a pawn in their sick game.

The love between them is too strong to fade after the shattering discovery, and Ellie is ready to do whatever it takes to protect the man she just married. Just Fall is a gripping page-turner, a riveting mystery thriller that's equally tense, suspenseful and blood-chilling. This is one of those books that you read in one sitting and find yourself glued to your seat in the middle of the night.

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