Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard-Kipling-Just-So-StoriesThese fairy tales were first published in 1902 and as so-called stories for some reason. They were preceded by Kipling's famous "How did the fear of" (the second Jungle Book published in 1895).

Just So Stories consist of several short stories. All of them focused on how different beasts changed their natural looks after some human actions or because different fantasy events. Thus, the mighty kit cannot eat people anymore, because once it swallowed man who builds inside the animal's stomach a wooden lattice. This construction doesn't allow him to eat other people.

The short story about camel is telling us how it obtains its hump. This animal revived it as a penalty from a Lord of All Deserts, which called Gina. The camel had this punishment because of rejection to work hard. Since that dark day of his wrong decision is hump giving him an opportunity it to a longer run. Moreover, with hгimp is not needed food as other as other creatures.

Rudyard Kipling started writing this book Effie (his eldest daughter), but eventually she died. The death came to her when she was only 6. And the cause of death was pneumonia. Rudyard Kipling lived very unhappy life. His little son John dies after his sister.

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