Keep Quiet

Keep-QuietI keep thinking Ms. Scattoline cannot pen a better book than her previous effort but I was wrong. Keep Quiet is one of those books that starts slowly. I hung in there and by page 96 the action and the tension and plot twists were like a whirl wind. I ended up reading through most of the night to see how it would turn out.

Jake's teenage son Ryan is driving at night and accidentally hits someone. Jake should not have allowed him behind the wheel as he had a learners permit but he was trying to establish a closer bond with his son and made a mistake. A big one.

Ryan is 16 and a sweet kid and when he knows he hit someone the guilt consumes him and he is hysterical.

Jake rushes out of the car and tries to get the woman to breath to no avail. She is dead. After some quick soul searching the father decides to leave the scene of the crime to save his son who he loves more than his life. That deep abiding love and misguided decisions are what fuel his actions throughout the story.

There is one character I hated from page one until the ending. Jakes wife. She is written as a bossy conniving woman and there is nothing she does in my opinion to redeem herself.

The action keeps ratcheting up with every chapter until I was on the edge of my seat! The ended blew me out of the water.

I highly recommend Keep Quiet. Its a keeper....pardon the pun.

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