keeping-lily-by-izzy-sweetIf you're a big fan of dark romance with tons of erotic scenes and steaming-hot passion, make sure to check out Keeping Lily, a fresh novel by Izzy Sweet. Lily's own husband sold her away to pay a debt he owed. And now the gorgeous woman belongs to the cruelest man on planet Earth. Yes, the moron had a huge debt - 5 million dollars - and you can't just get away with it. The crime lord agreed to take his woman and kids.

The thing is - Lily was this close to divorcing his lying ass and becoming a free, happy woman. However, now she's a prisoner, enslaved to a man who seems to be obsessed with her. He's a crazy-yet-handsome fella that Lily can't really figure out. He's powerful, forceful and demanding, and his one and only goal is to make her his slave.

That's right: submission is a big part of this game, and the crime mogul wants only one thing - to become Lily's master. As a matter of fact, this dark man is not only after her body. He's also after her heart and her soul. The biggest question is - will she be able to give that to him, or will he have to carve it out of her?

Keeping Lily is not your regular erotic novel with a happy ending, great sense of humor and a light-minded plot. No, this is a dark story, one that will grab your attention from the very first pages and keep you on your feet until you finish the book. Izzy Sweet managed to find just the perfect balance between dark mystery and the unbelievable chemistry between the main characters, and that's exactly why this novel is so damn addictive! You won't be disappointed with Keeping Lily if you’re a big fan of snazzy, fancy and riveting women’s fiction.

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