This is Robert Louis Stevenson's most famous and commercially successful adventure slash historical story. It was first published back in 1886 and brought the renowed writer international fame. Kidnapped was being positioned as a "lads only novel" and that's why Stevenson took it to a magazine that specialized in young adults stories for publication.

Not only was the book praised by the critics and the fans, but it was also recognized by some of the biggest writers of the 19th century, including Henry James and the famed Jorge Borges. The interesting fact about this work of fiction is that it features some real people from that era, which allows the modern-day readers to really "dive into" the century and learn more from it than they could from any other book. The political tensions were ever-strong, and Stevenson did a fantastic job of offering several viewpoints.

Balfour, the main character of the story, is a 17-year-old fella. He's the hero of the novel and its narrator. His mom and dad have passed away recently, and he's left to fend for himself in the harsh, brutal world. The boy is strong-willed and ambitious, and he sets out on his way to make a name for himself and to gain respect.

Thankfully, he's not entirely alone out there, and Ebenezer, his uncle, sends him a letter, inviting the lad to Cramond. So, that's how David embarks on a journey throughout the country to his uncle's home. While on the road, he asks folks about the House of Shaws - the place where his uncle resides - and pretty much every single person describes it as an evil, dark, ungodly place. Upon arrival, David discovers that nothing is at it seemed in the letter...

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