David Grann is considered to be one of the greatest writers of our time, and his shocking, twisty, gripping and exciting mysteries usually happen to be 100% true, which is why his books are so popular today. This masterpiece follows a real-world story of one of the most brutal and heinous criminal acts in the history of the United States.

Welcome to 1920: the wealthiest and most influential folks on planet Earth are the loyal members of a community in Oklahoma. The day they found huge oil reserves on their land, these people began to build enormous mansions, drive the brand-new automobiles and give their kids the best education money could buy. They were called the OIN (Osage Indian nation), but then, without a rhyme or reason, someone started killing them - one by one.

A regular local family was named responsible and they were all murdered without a trial, except for Mollie, the woman of the house. That was just the beginning: more innocent members of the tribe were dying under questionable circumstances, and there was no telling whose life would be taken next. Even the authorities and/or regular folks, who wanted to get to the bottom of this horrifying story and investigate, were taken out.

Soon, it got out of control, and the Bureau took over. This case is documented as one of the FBI's first resonating investigations, and they messed it up real bad. Hoover, the young and gifted director of the organization, asked Mr. White, a legendary ranger from Texas, to get to the bottom of it. The man did his best to get together a team of highly-trained operatives and led them into the hazardous region. Killers of the Flower Moon is most definitely the greatest nonfiction thriller/mystery/blockbuster of our time - you won't be able to put it down!

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