The first time Molly laid eyes on Alastair, the mysterious Mister with a ripped body and insane amounts of that male-only charisma, she was stunned. The man was their substitute teacher (professor, actually) and arrived in class wearing a good-old Scottish kilt. Did he look ridiculous in it? Not even a little bit!

That masculine body covered in tattoos and the English accent drove the better half of the young women insane. They all wanted those "extra hours" with the handsome gent, but, for some reason, he picked Molly as his favorite student. The second he stepped into the room and said hello to his new students, he noticed this gorgeous girl in the far back. She had beautiful green eyes, curves to die for and that sweet innocence that every man dreams of.

Alastair was there to teach, not to stare at the girl in an inappropriate way, but he just couldn't help himself from fantasizing about the feisty student. Was there a rule against professors messing around with young ladies? Of course, there was, but Mr. McGowan didn't really care about that. Besides, he was just a substitute, so why the hell would he care, right?

He wanted to have a piece of her like never before, and the all-consuming fire that started burning was only growing stronger with each passing day. Breaking the rules is what this man has been doing ever since he was born, and foolin' around with a sexy student is going to be one of those broken rules. Molly makes him feel young again, and he has never seen a girl just as beautiful and attractive as her. Kilt Me is a short, yet totally rewarding erotic novel with a dirty, filthy professor and a naughty student. They only want one thing: to give in to lust and teach each other what it truly means to want somebody.

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