kinsey-and-me-by-sue-graftonKinsey Millhone is probably the most legendary detective in modern-day literature. Sue Grafton created him back in '82, and he's been conquering the hearts and minds of countless fans around the globe ever since. Today, almost 35 years later, the author is still writing one of the best detective stories out there. Kinsey and Me is like a dedication, a celebration of this iconic character and the writer herself. All in all, you've got 9 stories to enjoy.

The funny, smart, engaging and extremely likable detective (or, rather, investigator) will be there every step of the way, so, that means satisfaction is guaranteed! Kinsey and Me is an emotionally powerful, riveting, uplifting and revealingly honest book. The critics are already calling it one of the greatest novels by Sue Grafton. It's like her gift to the fans, a gift to the readers who can't imagine their lives without Kinsey or Kit Blue.

At the end of the day, she's the one who gave the world these amazing characters, and she knows them better than anyone. Furthermore, Sue shares a bit of her own, personal story with the characters and claims that by creating them she shaped herself. These stories will give you a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn more about this legendary author and dive into a wonderful journey towards greatness.

Kinsey and Me is like the perfect "substitute" before we all get to enjoy her 23rd mystery. So, to sum up, if you've been a fan of Sue Grafton's groundbreaking detective stories and/or her amazing personality, Kinsey and Me will be an ideal gift to yourself, a book to keep under your pillow and get back to whenever you feel like getting inspired and uplifted.

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