Brady is about to get his hands on his family's mighty oil empire, which automatically makes him a bad-boy and a golden boy. But, he doesn't really want to become a mogul and take over the company. Why is that, exactly? Well, the man is busy drinking, messing around with women and acting a fool instead of getting a grip on himself and working towards making his moms and pops proud.

His dad knows all too well how to make Brady "tick" and blocks his credit cards. He promises to give him his financial freedom back if the guy finds himself a proper girl, marries her and delivers him a grandchild. He only has one year to complete the "mission"; otherwise, his days of glorious drinking and f*cking around will be over - forever.

Dana is a struggling college student. She's working really hard, but that rough patch doesn't seem to end. The girl lost her precious scholarship cause of some budget cuts, which leaves her in quite a dire situation. First of all, she doesn't have any money to pay her tuitions. Even if she did, her stupid bro has a huge gambling bet -50K! How on Earth is she going to find that kind of money and keep the one and only family member she's got alive?

Thankfully, when she answers to a suspicious ad on Craigslist, it turns out to be her salvation. The "gig" is to fake-marry a handsome billionaire playboy and give him a kiddo within a year. Sounds crazy? Of course, it does! But he's ready to give her five hundred thousand (!) dollars. So, that kinda makes her forget about everything else. Knocked Up By The Billionaire is equally sexy, funny and engaging. True, this is one of those "A rich boy knocks a struggling girlie up" stories, but it's still extremely compelling and exciting.

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