Charlie was burned once in his life, and that was more than enough for him to never get back to serious relationships ever again. HE learned his lesson - loud and clear. Girls come, girls go, and the only thing that he truly cares about is his bar. Why would a guy like him ever need a strong commitment when he can have a different woman every night? There's nothing wrong with having a little bit of fun, and he's all about that.

Women love his big, muscular body, those abs, and that thick wallet. But then Grace came into his life, she flipped it 180 degrees. She's unbelievably gorgeous, charismatic and totally irresistible - she knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. The girl is a walking-talking challenge for Charlie, and he's known for going after the biggest pretty and always accepting a good "fight".

At first, it was just two young people being attracted to each other and flirting for the heck of it. Next, it turned into a ridiculous deal over a couple of drinks (well, more than a couple). She agreed to pretend to be his girlfriend for the guy's sis's wedding to help him get his caring fam off his back. But, the closer they got to the wedding day, the harder it got for Charlie to stop thinking about her.

There's no denying the fact that he's falling in love with her. And what about Grace? Was it just a stupid bet for her, or is she feeling something towards him as well? Is either one of them ready for a big commitment? Knocking Boots is an awesome romantic standalone novel about two lonely souls that want to find true happiness together. If you love romance with just the right amount of naughty, buy a copy of this book and dive in.

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