kubricks-game-by-derek-taylor-kentAre you a big fan of historical thrillers and conspiracy theories? Well, if you are, then make sure to check out Kubrick's Game, a brilliant page-turner and a must-have. Derek Taylor Kent, the author of this best-selling novel, asks a question: What if Kubrick's legacy is bigger than just a couple of ground-breaking movies?

What if he left us a complex puzzle that's hidden in his films and will lead the witty folks to a heritage that could change the modern-day world? 1,5 decades after his passing, Mr. Kubrick has apparently arranged a very special announcement that his movies are about so much more than just actors and plots. Mr. Mascaro, an expert on the iconic director's work, was the one who got this mysterious package. It contained a copy of the world-famous picture the man took for the cover of a magazine after the death of Roosevelt.

On the back of it, there's a message by Stanley himself that encourages to follow him to Q's identity. The Professor doesn't know what to make of all this and summons Shawn, a genius-of-a-student to figure it all out. The weird fella takes the photo and asks two of his friends to join him in the investigation. Soon, the guys learn that Mascaro hid a vital part of the puzzle from them.

Next, they realize that the best way to find the answer is to go back to Kubrick's "Lolita" - the first movie that the director had complete and utter control over. The tips lead them to a centuries-old hotel in NY and an awkward package that's been waiting for the right man for over 2 decades. It includes a new clue, and the friends learn that they're not the only ones who are trying to figure out Kubrick’s' puzzle...

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