This is the third chapter in the fan-favored series by Tynessa, and this time around, the main characters will have to go through even more obstacles and challenges to get their happily ever after. Shaniyah is about to be hit with a massive "storm", and the only person that she'll be able to rely on will be herself. The dirty secrets are all out, including the one about Nesha, her ex-BFF, and boyfriend, Kush.

It's not really easy for the girl to accept the truth, but there's no denying it. Nesha betrayed her like no other woman ever before, and Niyah simply can't be her friend anymore. But what about Kush - can she find the strength and capacity to forgive him? Now, she's been trying to be better than all the people around her and give the man a second chance, but folks keep telling her that it would be a bad idea.

Kush used to be her world, and now that she's about to let go of him, it's going to be extremely hard for the girl to adapt to a new reality without him. Liz, in turn, despises James for not willing to be the father he's supposed to be for their unborn kiddo while forbidding her from finding any other man to take that responsibility. The moron tells her to spend the 500 dollars he gave her for the abortion on the child when it's born.

Does he really think that will be enough? All Liz dreams of is for James to finally grow up and be the man she knows he can be. So, what's it gonna be? Will he live up to the expectations and do the right thing, or is the baby about to enter this world without a father? This is a defining moment both for Liz and for James, and the decisions that they make now will shape the years to come.

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