Hope Jahren delivers a thrilling, captivating, extraordinary and powerful memoir that will most definitely leave its impact on all of us. The author is a successful geobiologist and she's spent her entire life learning about the fascinating world of flowers, bushes, trees and Earth itself. You could call Lab Girl her ultimate scientific paper on plant life and everything around it.

But it's also a pretty awesome glorification of the never-dying passion, dedication, and craziness that drive all those brilliant scientists around the globe. Part memoir, part scientific treatise, Lab Girl takes the readers all the way back to Hope's childhood years in Minnesota, where she used to spend all of her free time messing around in her dad's lab. That's when she knew she wanted to become a geobiologist and study everything about plants.

Science is her entire world, and, over the years, she's learned how to turn hard work into pleasure and how to use both your heart and your mind in the everyday routine. Bill, her gifted, motivated and somewhat eccentric lab manager, is a pretty great fella, and he introduces humor and fun into this rather serious book.

We can all be scientists these days, but not in the traditional meaning: if you care about your environment and want to protect Mother Nature, then you can already call yourself a scientist! Lab Girl is a warm, kind, entertaining and quite a readable book that shows us - in bright colors - that when you combine your passion with your work, everything's possible. Never before has a professional book been so exciting, revealing, and simply fascinating. So, don't miss out on your chance to enjoy Jahren's magnificent memoir!

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