Lady Midnight (The Dark Artifices) by Cassandra Clare

Lady-Midnight-The-Dark-Artifices-by-Cassandra-ClareThe time when Shadowhunters was in few steps from destruction was long past. Events of City of Heavenly Fire novel were about 5 years ago. Emma Carstairs is grown up. She is a young and beautiful woman now. Emma wants to avenge the death of her mother and father but does not know where to start searching.

Emma is not a child anymore, so she can be more serious in her work. But before she achieved some results of a hard path she chosen the young woman must learn a lot. She must obtain faith of herself. She must hear the whispers of her own heart. And her own parabatai Julian Blackthorn will help her with that.

Emma Carstairs must investigate an evil conspiracy tangled the whole Los Angeles. It will be much easier to reveal the demonic mystery if her own heart did not guide her feet into wrong and dangerous paths. The situation became more complicated when Mark has been returned to Emma. He is her brother, who was seized by magic creatures. It was 5 years ago, and now he is back in a position of bargaining chip.

The faeries do not know a monster who is killing them one by one. So they seek the help from the Shadowhunters. Because of a different time in faerie land, Mark did not age at all. So when he returned to his family, he cannot recognize anyone. The world looks so strange for him, that he could not say where he is now – in the real world or it is some sort of fairies magic…

Lady Midnight is a decent opening of a new Cassandra Clare’s Dark Artifices series and a sequel to the famous Mortal Instruments series.

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