Lady Susan by Jane Austen

Jane-Austen-Lady-SusanLady Susan is written by English writer Jane Austen somewhere in 1794. A very few correction to the text (without title) probably was made in 1805. The first time the novel was published is 1871. It is not her biggest book and it is written in the epistolary genre. This is one of her first and most important works, a kind of moral tale. The epistolary genre was very popular in the eighteenth century. Later Austen used it for the first version of Sense and Sensibility, drafted in 1795 (it's called Elinor and Marianne).

The novel centres on the life of Lady Susan Vernon, widow of Sir Vernon. Lady Susan is a selfish woman who maintains several flirtations supported by her tyrannical mother, who also constantly looking for a rich husband for her second daughter – Frederica. Mother and Frederica have really bad relations.

The Lady Susan novel is composed of forty-one letters, and mainly it is a correspondence between Lady Susan and misses Alicia Johnson and misses Vernon. There is also some mail from Lady de Courcy, which hates deeply Lady Susan. Plus, you can find some letters from other characters, like Reginald de Courcy to Lady Susan. The novel ends abruptly and the style of writing in the last page is much lighter than the letters themselves.

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