Laura-Middleton,-Her-Brother-and-her-Lover-by-Anonymous-Laura Middleton is one of the most popular erotic novels of all times and is considered to be a classic in the genre. Some critics call it an astonishing piece of art, while others claim it's a disgusting book that needs to be destroyed. One thing is clear - everybody talks about it and everybody wants to read it, and that's exactly why it's been one of the bestsellers ever since the very first edition saw the light of day! It's shocking, repulsive even, but that doesn't stop millions of readers around the world from enjoying it. Pretty much every last single taboo is broken in Laura Middleton, however, unlike the obvious "pornographic" novels, it's quite an entertaining book. If you're into that kind of thing, of course. The author wished to remain anonymous and talks about sodomy and incest with an amazing sense of humor that makes all that erotic nonsense just a little bit more readable. It's a challenging piece of work that laughs at all the taboos of its time.

This novel is a perfect example of Victorian erotica, but, again, it stands out thanks to the good sense of humor and a non-stop flow of well-written sexual scenes. It's a story about people who are not afraid to talk about and act on their strongest desires that are considered to be vicious in their society and culture.

Obviously, Laura Middleton: Her Brother and Her Lover is not a book for everyone, and if you're looking for a deep, overwhelming examination of the human vices and weaknesses, then you should never buy it and go for something more...fundamental, like Dostoevsky, or, say, Faulkner. At the same time, if Victorian erotica is your cup of tea, this novel might just be the one!

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