Wren, a beautiful woman, married David, even though her heart belonged to Carter. She'd been a devoted wife, but then he died in an accident, and his lover was sitting in the passenger's seat. Next, she learned that all of her finances were frozen due to the fact that he stole a lot of money from his company. She can't trust anybody except for Carter, and she really needs his help right now.

He's been in love with her ever since they first met, but he had to leave so that she could be with his bro. The mutual attraction and the all-consuming passion are still there, and they both feel it. Yes, David is her brother-in-law, and he's not one to play by the rules. He just got out of prison, but, even though he was locked up, his free, open-minded spirit is as strong as ever.

He's a walking talking sex machine and is known for making the ladies go crazy. Still, no woman out there could ever turn him on like Wren. Back in the day, he was a pro hockey player with tons of money, fame, and everything else in between. But he messed it all up when he let Wren marry David. But now that he's gone forever, it's time for Carter to go back and "claim his prize", something that he should've done a long time ago.

She's got the most amazing body in the whole world and blue eyes that mesmerize. Wren has no idea how long he's been waiting to get his hands on her. She's been fantasizing about him as well, and it's time for them to finally give in to the lust. Lawless is a page-turner, a gripping, exciting and unbelievably naughty bad-boy romance with a riveting plot and a happy ending. If you're a big fan of the genre, you'll fall in love with Teagan Kade's book.

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