Riley Rollins delivers a naughty smash hit for all the ladies out there that dream of an alpha male to rock their world but are just too shy to admit that to themselves. Kaine is not really used to the word "Love", as he's never even experienced it. He knows pain, knows power and control. That's what he wants and that's what he gets. He's built a huge empire from the ground up, and he's on top of the world now.

He's got more money than he could ever spend, so, he's wasting it on all kinds of sinful things, and "buying" women is one of them. Grace is too much of a risk for him, and common sense is telling the guy to let her go and move on with his life. But she's just too damn sexy and sweet for him to forget her. She's completely naked, afraid and looks perfect with that curvy body and a tempting smile.

She's standing at the auction waiting to be bought by the highest bidder, and Kaine is ready to pay a top dollar just to see her in his bed and in his arms. He beat all of the other bidders and got the ultimate price - Grace in his control. It took him one touch to lose his mind and to get addicted to her. A taste of her lips turns him on more than thousands of other women.

He's never been weak and no girl out there could conquer his heart and mind, but it seems like she's going to do just that - win him over. He can do whatever he wants with her, but that commitment works both ways. She knows his deepest secret, and he's about to learn all of hers. This isn't a game anymore: Kaine is playing with fire, and there might not be going back from it. But what if that's exactly what they both need? Leashing the Virgin is a breath-taking and blood-rushing erotic romance for the fans of dark, twisted and beautiful love stories.

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