Legends from River & Mountain by Carmen Sylva and Alma Strettell

Carmen-Sylva-and-Alma-Strettell-Legends-from-River-and-MountainThis collection of stories was firstly published around 1923. Legends from River & Mountain it is an important historical work written by Pauline Elisabeth Ottilie Luise zu Wied. This woman was the wife of King Carol I of Romania. And a world of literature knows her not as Queen consort of Romania, but as Carmen Sylva. Translations of her works you can find in different languages of Europe.

She wrote as the author in several languages, including Romanian, English, French and German. Carmen Sylva works in different genres. Her legacy includes many poems, essays, short stories. She even wrote plays and collections of aphorisms. There was a much bigger form of literature – sometimes Carmen Sylva writes big novels.

The first time Carmen Sylva published her poems in 1880 in Leipzig. They were called Sappho and Hammerstein. Almost eight years later Carmen Sylva received a Prix Botta. It was granted to her for her book of aphorisms. In the same year, her religious meditations in Romanian have been published in German by the name of Cuvinte Sufletesci.

Carmen Sylva does not always write alone. Sometimes she worked in collaboration with others. As an example, she and Mite Kremnitz writes together for almost 8 years. They work and under the name Dito et Idem.

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