Les Miserables by Victor Hugo

Les-Miserables-Victor-HugoThe Les Miserables it is one of the greatest novels in history. Book's main character the Jean Valjean - is one of the main stars in the world literature. But why he is so important? Jean Valjean is a good man imprisoned for stealing a piece of bread. The author shows us the deepest underworld life of the Parish with all its unpleasant secrets. Victor Hugo shows us good and bad people, people who fight for their beliefs in the course of events the uprising of 1832.

The Les Miserables was written with a groundbreaking realism that, which is so rare in modern books. The novel is huge when you read it - it is like watching a very detailed history movie.

Les Miserables it is a great gift to you mind and a pleaser for the heart. It is a story about how to make yourself a better human being than you are. It is about love and death. It is about crime and punishment.

Many professional critics and readers consider the Les Miserables as a fantastic trip to a human psychology, with something about 1350 pages in it ( the author is very detailed with everything). But if try to put those enormous books in one simple word it will be The Redemption. It is a cruel but really honest book. Please, enjoy it.

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