Let's-Play-Make-Believe-By-James-PattersonJames Patterson has always been the #1 writer of mystery, thriller and suspense novels, but when he came up with the concept of Bookshots, he simply monopolized the whole genre! You can finish a Bookshot in a few hours, and, at the same time, you'll get a healthy dose of adrenaline and excitement that you won't always find in some "big-bad" books. So, what's the new book from the master of thrillers about? Let's Play Make-Believe is a story about two divorced people, Martin and Christy.

They've been disappointed with the whole institute of marriage, and, after wasting all their strength on terrible divorce wars, they lost all hope and don't really believe in love anymore. At the same time, as a reward for all the pain and frustration they had to go through, destiny brings them together. It takes just a glimpse at each other to turn their ordinary lives into a wonderful journey.

They forgot how romantic, sexy and uplifting love can be, and they fall for each other the second they lock eyes and forget about the rest of world. However, they start a ridiculous game of make-believe, and it goes a bit too far...At first, the book starts as your typical romantic story with a nice, feel-good touch, but, as the game begins, Patterson turns it all around 360 degrees and delivers a truly shocking twist at the end, proving once again that you can never guess what the real "agenda" of a Patterson novel is and what the true motives of the main characters are.

This time around, the writer decided to leave his legendary detective, Michael Bennett, alone for this one and introduced all-new characters for Let's Play Make-Believe, and it certainly made the new novel fresh and gripping. The writing is excellent, the story is unusual, and you can finish the novel in 3 to 4 hours!

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