levis-blue-by-m-leightonLevi's Blue is the perfect romantic novel to dive into and to forget about the rest of the world. M. Leighton created a whole bunch of wonderful, breathtaking stories, but this one might just be her best work to date. This is a tale about an all-consuming, earth-scorching love between a man and a woman. All he wanted from her were 4 days to prove that he was indeed the one and only for her.

Four days to make her change her mind and fall in love with him. She couldn't say no to the handsome guy, so she said yes. She has always known that men like that come with consequences and relationships with them tend to end badly, but she just wanted to believe everything he said. He was charming, smart, funny, and hot as hell - just the perfect combination for a disaster! All it took was a single touch to make her fall for him.

Well, some things are too good to be real, and Levi - this mysterious stranger - is probably just a regular man. Or maybe he really is an angel from the heavens who came to change Evie's life and to make her the happiness girl on Earth? You never know! Levi's Blue is a sexy, steaming-hot romantic novel that will get you excited in a matter of seconds. You can almost feel the sexual tension pouring out of the pages, and the story is very emotionally-charged.

M. Leighton knows how to write a gripping erotic novel that's both sweet and hot. Evie and Levi are one of the greatest characters in the genre, and the chemistry between them is simply outstanding. If you're a fan of fast-paced, brisk and riveting books to keep you company on a cold winter night, this one is a must-have!

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