Growing up in Hannibal, Missouri, Mark Twain has admired watching the steamboats go by within the Mississippi river. As a young boy, he aspire to become a steamboat pilot who joyously sail across the river. The river has played a big role in his childhood, Life on the Mississippi is one of Twain’s happiest book written in his early career and a manifestation that he had a colorful childhood growing up.

Life on the Mississippi is a narrative of Mark Twain’s personal experiences as he conquers his childhood dream of becoming a steamboat pilot. His memoirs narrates before the American Civil War. The book itself could also serve as a travel guide, where he cheerfully revisited his trips along the Mississippi River from St. Louis to New Orleans.

Mark Twain has written a very impressive and detailed history of the Mississippi River including the early attempts of other explorers to outline the river’s perilous waters.

To the greatest extent, this book manifests how Twain showed enjoyment and passion for steamboats. Living his dream when he was a child and becoming a skilled pilot, he learned how to navigate and read the treacherous Mississippi River.

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