Corey, the main character of this moving, uplifting novel, had more than enough tragedies in her life, and by now, she knows how to cope with losing her loved ones. All she can do is bury the grief somewhere deep inside and try to move on. Years ago, her parents died in a horrifying accident on the road; then, her dear husband was taken away by cancer.

The only way to handle all that "heat" for Corey is to dedicate herself to her work. She was the #1 student in law school and then did great in a world-esteemed Atlanta firm. And when her boss asks her to forget about work for a while and take a vacation, she says no at first. However, two wonderful weeks in one of the greatest places on planet Earth and the reconnection with Tripp, her good friend from childhood, bring a new meaning into her life and allow Corey to relax - even if for a little while.

She's a workaholic, and she loves all that hard work that pays off, but now she's got something else to look forward to - love. So, she starts asking herself the most important question in her life: what does she really want? Who does she want to be? And finally - does she have the courage to say yes to love after being alone for so many years?

Life Unexpected is a thought-provoking, big-hearted, enticing novel about the power of love and the ability of a human heart to love despite all odds. Sometimes, the hardest thing for us to do is to follow our true calling and not to be afraid to love and be loved. We doubt ourselves, the people that we feel connected to and shy away from our happiness. J.A. Stone's brilliant writing, great dialogues, and the honest, revealing story turn Life Unexpected into something truly worth your while.

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