Lighten-Up,-Y'all-By-Virginia-WillisClassic Southern Recipes Made Healthy and Wholesome is your ultimate guide into the world of traditional Southern recipes that we all came to love and appreciate. Virginia Willis, a bestselling and award-winning author, delivers a brilliant cookbook that has it all - chicken 'n' gravy, strawberry pies, and a whole bunch of other delicious foods.

Furthermore, Virginia took the liberty of changing the ingredients a bit, and her own recipes are healthier, come with fewer calories and won't kill you with guilt after you eat a few cakes and swallow a bunch of sweets! She's not just your regular cook: Willis is a well-respected chef in the South, plus, she's got a few buzz-worthy cookbooks behind her back, so, this isn't her debut. Besides, just like a true Southerner, she adores cooking and loves to surprise her relatives and friends with delicious meals.

Now, if you've been looking for a cookbook that would come with tasty-yet-light recipes that will allow you to drop a pound or two, Lighten Up, Y'all is your best bet. Not only is Virginia's food light, healthy and "reasonable", it's also very very yummy, which, of course, is a big plus. This book is a brilliant collection of the author's own recipes - both new and old. All the recipes are affordable and accessible, and that means you won't find any exotic ingredients that cost a fortune.

Obviously, all the traditional Southern foods are there, complemented by the author's own, unique recipes and some of the best modern-day dishes. Healthy ingredients? Check. Easy, step-by-step guides? Double check! Lighten Up, Y'all has all the necessary tools and tips to get you started on a healthy, delicious new journey towards prosperity, feeling good and staying in shape.

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