Lincoln-In-The-Bardo-By-George-SaundersWelcome to 1862, ladies and gentlemen. It's February, and the grandiose Civil War has been ragin' for about a year. What started as just a couple of folks fighting over their differences has turned into an all-out, full-scale war, and the denizens are slowly, but steadily realizing that they're all in for a bloodthirsty, horrendous skirmish against each other.

Concurrently, Lincoln's most favorite little guy in the world, his 11-year-old son, is lying in a room in the White House, barely keeping it together. The boy is severely ill, and, even though the doctors predicted a swift recovery for him, Willie passes away and they bury him in the nearest cemetery. Obviously, the President is devastated by this terrible loss, but he manages to get a grip on himself and live through this unbelievable nightmare with honor and dignity.

The man has a job to do - to unite a scattered nation, to bring all Americans together and to show them that war is not the answer. War has never been the answer, but, in order to restore peace and order in the newly-founded United States of A, Lincoln will have to shed more blood than ever. Lincoln in the Bardo is a brilliant "improvisation" on real historical events by the fascinating George Saunders.

The man created an unforgettable, one-of-a-kind story of love, loss, war, devastation, and redemption, mixing historical facts with his own splendid vision and spicing things up with some supernatural and funny stuff. Willie ends up in a peculiar place where ghosts chat, wrestle, laugh, cry, and do pretty much everything else that they've been doing in real life. What does all that have to do with the Civil War? Read the book and find out! Lincoln in the Bardo is a provoking, challenging, smart, witty and exciting historical fiction that will grab you from the very first pages.

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