If you're a fan of cyberpunk and exciting stories about young adults fighting crime and injustice in the modern-day world, then Little Brother will be just the right pick for you. It's 380 pages long, but you'll enjoy every single one of them! Cory Doctorow, the author, knows how to get you glued to your seat and hooked up. The story follows 4 youngsters in San Francisco that are trying to keep each other from harm's way and to do what's right for the city.

After a gruesome terrorist attack, the DHS is "assailing" the Bill Of Rights, and the teenagers simply can't let that happen. Marcus, a 17 y.o. hacker from SF, teams up with Darryl and the rest of the fellas to play a role game in the city. That's when the bombs go off. The sirens make folks go crazy, and they all run towards the shelters.

In the chaos, Darryl gets stabbed, but the youngens manage to squeeze through the crowd and stop a vehicle to take the wounded bloke to a hospital. However, a bunch of goons get out of the car, put bags over their heads and throw them into the back of it. Soon, they discover that the DNS is holding them as possible suspects due to their suspicious behavior. Obviously, the guys had nothing to do with it, but the Gov. Officials are relentless.

It takes them six days to admit that the kids are innocent, and Marcus, Vanessa, and Jolu finally leave the place. Yet, nobody knows where Darryl is. That's how Marcus begins his quest against the corrupt and delusional government and puts his own life at risk just to see justice done and to free his friend. Arguably, the greatest thing about this novel is that it's not afraid to talk about "grown-up stuff" with kids and young adults while still being a pretty entertaining and gripping best-seller.

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