Long After Midnight

long-after-midnightShe wanted to save lives.  The killer wanted to end hers.

The first warning was triggered hundreds of miles away.  The second warning exploded only yards from where she and her son stood.  Now Kate Denby realizes the frightening truth:  She is somebody's target.

Danger has arrived in Kate's backyard with a vengeance.  And the gifted scientist is awakening to a nightmare world where a ruthless killer is stalking her...where her innocent son is considered expendable...and where the medical research to which she has devoted her life is the same research that could get her killed.  Her only hope of protecting her family and making that medical breakthrough is to elude her enemy until she can face him on her own ground, on her own terms—and destroy him.

Some familiar elements appear in Johansen's (The Ugly Duckling) new thriller: a heroic scientist on the cusp of a billion-dollar medical breakthrough; a rakish sidekick; an intrepid, appealing heroine; and a murderous and corrupt corporation in league with a corrupt politician. But Johansen knows how to take the formula and run with it, and readers will be won over by her flesh-and-blood characters, crackling dialogue and lean, suspenseful plotting. Kate Denby, recently divorced and the mother of a nine-year-old boy, is trying as hard as she can to refuse a prestigious job that will uproot her from her stable life.

But Noah Smith, the prize-winning scientist to whom Kate's research is essential, won't give up easily. Any chance of stability vanishes, however, when someone blows up Noah's lab, killing most of his employees, and tries to kill Kate. She and her son soon find themselves under the watchful eye of a psychopathic hit man whose madness is steeped in the killing techniques and spirit lore of Indian warriors. Kate has no choice but to join forces with Noah?in hiding.


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