If you're a fan of paranormal dark fantasy for young adults, make sure to check Cassandra Clare's latest crowd-pleaser out. This is a brand-new chapter in the best-selling and fan-favored Shadowhunters series and continues the story of Emma, who managed to avenge both her mom and dad but still can't find peace in her heart.

She was confident that killing the ones responsible for their death would bring her satisfaction, but in reality, she feels an emptiness that's slowly consuming her from the inside. Emma is not calm: she can't really figure out whether she'd like to protect Julian, her parabatai, or to be with him; so, she decides it's better to leave it be and switch her attention to Mark, his bruv.

But the fella has spent the last half-a-decade in hell, and the big question is - is there really a chance for him to leave the past behind and be a great Hunter for the team? Meanwhile, the faeries are not about to stand silent and wait for the Hunters to take care of it all. The big, scary king doesn't recognize the peace treaty anymore and won't work with the Shadowhunter clan under any circumstances.

That leaves the girl and her buddies with a mess to take care of. The faerie rules and their own customs and traditions are tearing the heroes apart, and only their friendship will help them lead the Clave to a bright and prosperous future. If they fail at protecting everything they've been working so hard for, they'll lose it all in a matter of seconds. It might even already be too late...Lord of Shadows is a dark, twisty, stylish and gripping dark fantasy with an action-charged narrative, a perfect pace and a fine line-up of charismatic characters.

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