Lord-Of-The-Privateers-By-Stephanie-LaurensThe Adventurers Quartet is a best-selling series about brave men and women who are not afraid to pursue their dreams and follow their hearts. Lord of the Privateers is an action-packed, intriguing, dramatic and rewarding novel that's both entertaining and thought-provoking. Royd, the main character of the story, is getting ready to execute the very last phase of the rescue mission that his own brothers have begun a while ago. However, he would never imagine that they could make/persuade him take Isobel, the sweetheart of his life and his very first love with him.

She was his bride ones, and now they're just working together. She's got her own task, her own mission: she needs to find a youngin, a cousin, and bring the slugger back home - safe and sound. True, she's still constantly thinking about what could have been a wonderful life with Royd, but she's desperately trying to let go of that fantasy and focus on the reality.

Soon, the gang realizes that freeing the prisoners is just a part of the mission. They have to locate and convict the wrongdoers who are standing behind the clandestine operation. England is on the edge of destruction, and if the heroes fail to stop the bandits, the country might just fall. They must go back to the fancy citadels and ballrooms and strike the enemies of the crown in their own homes.

At the same time, neither Royd nor Isobel can deny the passion, the fire that's still burning. Destiny brought them together after so many years of wandering, and now they're finally given the chance to be together again - to be happy again. So, are they ready to risk their dreams and their very lives for England? Stephanie Laurens did a brilliant job with Lord of the Privateers and delivered an unforgettable action-adventure story full of twists, turns, romance, valor, honor, and everything in between.

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