Are you a big fan of science fiction and post-apocalyptic stories? Well, if you are, then make sure to take a look at Sean Gandert's brand-new bestseller, Lost in Arcadia. It's 2037, and the United States can't live without Arcadia. It is an all-consuming, immersive and highly sophisticated social-media platform and a VR interface that is slowly but steadily changing the way people perceive reality.

The whole country is addicted to and blinded by Arcadia, and there's no going back from something like that. Juan Reyes, the man behind this platform, is insanely rich. At the same time, his invention has deprived his family - along with every single person in America - of their privacy and intimacy, turning the whole world into a looking-glass.

And when the man disappears into thin air without even leaving a single trace behind, that shocks and shatters the whole Reyes family. Autumn, the matriarch, struggles to keep the fragile balance intact, while the siblings try to find the answers to all kinds of questions concerning their purpose on this planet, their destiny.

In a reality where self-worth is nothing but a myth, it's not that easy to find inspiration and motivation to change for the better and to find your true calling in life. The thing is - outside of the idyllic, yet artificial world of Arcadia, the US has turned into a disaster, a nation without a leader, a nation without a cause. Huge corporations have turned folks into slaves, and help isn't coming. The society is crippled, and it's up to the Reyes clan to fix everything. If they fail, America will be lost...forever.

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