It's true when they say that we all have our price in this life, a magical sum (the number of zeroes on a check) that will make us do and/or be anything. Selling yourself to have something you've been dreaming of? Yep, the vast majority of human beings will gladly do that. For Willow, that number is 250K - that's 250 thousand dollars! So, what did she agree to for that kind of money?

To be Shaw's girlfriend: the man is in desperate need of a fake "mate", and he's ready to pay a lot of cash for her "services", so to speak. It doesn't involve any kissing, hugging and f*cking - well, maybe a kiss or two for the public, but nothing more. For that check, Willow is ready to do whatever her new man pleases - go left, go right, smile, act a happy girlfriend and do everything in between.

Obviously, this is a business deal, and none of them thought that it could turn into something else. But the mutual attraction is getting harder and harder to resist, and Willow is trying pretty hard not to jump into his arms and ride him like the golden boy that he is. Falling in love was never a part of the plan, but that's what these two end up doing. At least, the young woman thinks that he feels the say way about her.

Soon, the girl's past and present collide, resulting in some devastating consequences. She can never have the man she loves, but there's another fella out there who will always hold her dear to heart. So, what's a girl like Willow supposed to do? Follow her heart and try to conquer the gentleman she dreams of, or put her feelings on hold and go with the more "rational" option? Lost In Between is an 18+ masterpiece for the fans of explicit erotic novels that mix romance, love, passion and lots of sex to deliver a breath-taking experience for the readers.

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