Louise de la Vallière is the third chapter in the ever-popular and ever-relevant The Vicomte of Bragelonne novel that we all love and cherish. As opposed to the previous two chapters, this one is all about romance and passion in the court of Louis XIV. Raoul, an ambassador, has been in love with Louise for as long as he can remember.

She's his sweetheart from the childhood, and now he learns that she's the maid of honor to Henrietta. Now, he's a noble man, and he doesn't want to disgrace and/or defame her in the eyes of the public by starting an affair with her, so, he decides to marry her and to make an honest woman out of the gal. However, Athos, the man's own father, doesn't approve and thinks that his son deserves so much better.

But, eventually, he sees that Raoul is serious about his intentions and really loves the girl, so, he agrees and gives his blessing. Louis, the king, refuses to allow the marriage, as the young woman is not high enough on that social ladder; Raoul's plans are delayed. Concurrently, there's a skirmish for power between the king's closest advisors - Colbert and Fouquet. These two hate each other - plain and simple.

Three Musketeers series:
1. The three musketeers
2. Twenty years after
3. The Vicomte of Bragelonne. Ten Years Later (4 parts):
- The Vicomte of Bragelonne
- Ten Years Later
- Louise de la Vallière
- The man in the iron mask

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The king makes an attempt to deplete Fouquet's resources and asks him to take care of a grandiose fête. At the same time, Aramis learns that there's a highly valuable prisoner that looks almost exactly like Louis. The multiple affairs at the court threaten to destroy the good diplomatic relations within France itself and with England, so now it's up to the king to bring order into this own kingdom. He’s got more than enough enemies that want to bring his down – including Fouquet.

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