From Mia Asher, a bestselling author comes a brand-new page-turner that's equally romantic, sexy and emotional. The fans of steaming hot erotica and sweet romance will fall in love with the main characters and the story. Valentina is a stranger in France and doesn't know a single person out there. But her new neighbor, an artist with a great vision, turned out to be the most dashing and attractive man she's ever met.

It doesn't take them long to act on their feelings and the first life-changing kiss turned into a sparkling love affair. Was it all these two were capable of or is true love just around the corner for Sebastien and his new passion? Men like that don’t come around very often - he's incredibly good-looking and has a big, loving heart.

Yet, he can't help but notice that his new lover is hiding something from him.Her gorgeous body and innocent eyes keep calling to him and he can't shake the feeling that she's the one and only woman for him. Valentina, in turn, is head over heels for the guy: his handsome smile, big, masculine body, and the majestic artistic soul are exactly what she's been looking for her entire life, and, even though romance wasn't part of the deal when she moved to Paris, she doesn't regret she ever met him.

But is she really ready for a big commitment like that? Val had a nasty relationship a while ago, and that is why she's so defensive with Sebastien. Valentina is one of those girls who always think a few steps ahead and try to do everything right, but sometimes, you need to let it all behind the door and give in to the love that's lifting your spirit and bringing new meaning to your life.

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