Will is hot, charming, intriguing and cocky; plus, he broke Ruby's heart back when she was in college, and, to this day, he's still got a hold over her. It's been a while since the two last saw each other, but now that he's kindly hosting her best friend's luxurious wedding, they're forced to spend the next week together.

Funny how that works sometimes, huh? You've been living your separate lives for years, and then, all of a sudden, you're stuck with each other for 7 full days. But hey - she’s not a sweet, innocent and naive girl anymore, and all those alpha-male stunts won't work on her anymore. Ruby has grown into a confident, strong willed modern-day young woman who's not affected by a bad-boy's charm.

Yep, that's what she keeps telling herself while staring at the man's amazing body and killer smile, not to mention the whole wedding atmosphere makes her want to let her guard down and act a fool with someone. A short getaway fling never hurt anyone, and a wild-wild affair while on this wedding vacation might just be exactly what Ruby needs to get Will out of her system.

At the same time, falling in love was never a part of the plan; yet, that's exactly what's happening here. All those margaritas, bright lights, intimate beaches and Will’s charisma slowly, but steadily lure Ruby into a trap. Letting go of the past is not that easy, especially when you are still holding on to a man that stole your heart once and never gave it back. Lovestruck is a fun and sexy romantic comedy that will be greatly appreciated by the ladies. Lila Monroe seems to have just the right formula for a kickass bestseller!

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