Lumber-Jacked-By-Chance-CarterGrady is a 100% modern-day alpha male with just the right attitude and a bunch of muscles to drive the ladies crazy. He's a super-shredded bad-boy that dwells in a far-away cabin right in the middle of the woods with his...daughter! Yes, that's the kind of a man he is, and it's safe to say that he would never expect a gorgeous young lady to get lost in the vicinity and end up changing his life.

However, that's exactly what happens, and the two fall in love. One day, while out hunting in the harsh winter forest, he finds her lying in the snow, completely unconscious. The girl's name is Autumn, she's a 19-year-old lassie and is practically out there in the big scary world alone for the first time. And right now, she's a bit scared, homesick and lonely.

Yet, when Grady takes care of her and gives her a shelter in his house, she starts to feel all kinds of weird emotions, most of which she's never felt before. The big, strong, bulky man attracts her, and she wants his strong hands to take her to his bed and make love to her. Yes, she wants this complete stranger to be her first man. Cole, in turn, wants her like crazy, but he can't just throw himself at her - he's a gentleman. Furthermore, he's a 30-year-old chap while she's just 19. She needs his protection, she trusts him, and he simply can't use that to his advantage.

At the same time, the attraction is irresistible, and he's been all alone in these woods for a very long time. The fella needs a woman's touch. He had his heart broken back in the day, and Autumn might just be the one and only girl that would heal it. Lumber Jacked is a sizzling-hot, steamy romantic novel about a modern-day Hercules, a fragile beautiful girl, and their love.

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