m-train-by-patti-smithPatti Smith, an award-winning author, delivers a unique, highly intellectual and heart-warming journey through her own life. She calls it the roadmap to her life and the readers will be amazed by the superb writing, brilliant narrative and Patti's charming personality. The story begins in a cute small cafe in Greenwich Village where the author likes to drink her everyday morning coffee. That's when she starts working on her new project and thinking about everything that happened and will happen in her life and in this world.

She shares her intimate dreams, hopes, and mixes them with the reality and the present day, giving us a wonderful trip down memory lane and a great view of the world as Patti sees it. The story takes us to Mexico, Iceland, New York and many other exotic and not-so-much places that played and are still playing vital roles in her amazing journey.

She also shares the painful memories of losing her husband and the harsh reality that comes with having to live alone, without your most favorite person by your side to guide you and to make you laugh. M Train is a wonderful combination of hope, despair, pain and joy; it's a meditation on everything that's going on around us, all the important things that make up our day-to-day routine.

It's a touching, moving, powerful memoir from one of the greatest artistic minds of our generation. M Train is a brilliant melancholic book that comes with super-stylish Polaroid shots that add to the overall splendid picture. If you love to reminisce about the old days and look at the future with hope, M Train would be a perfect "companion" to your next cup of tea in your favorite cafe.

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