Macbeth by William Shakespeare

Macbeth-by-William-ShakespeareAll begins when the ruler of Scotland (James VI) seized the throne of England. So, in 1603 he became James the First of his new kingdom. The famous author made his new drama about events of Scottish history. That Shakespeare's drama is about violence and traitors and how one man did a murder become a king.

And there is some sort of witchcraft too. But Macbeth not only about that. It asks readers and viewers a bunch of really important questions about yourself and fate. Do you know why success one day may become a complete defeat? Read this book and try to find an answer by yourself.

Do you know, that different generations interpreted the Macbeth very differently? When the drama was only written the people thought about the main character as about some sort of hero who did a wrong thing and must pay for it in the end. Today you can't very easily say what id the true evil or the true good in the Macbeth. The differences between them are very blurred.

Macbeth is a great Shakespeare's play. When you read it, you understand why it is so popular even in the modern era. It is because Shakespeare finds his way to the people hearts of all generation.

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