magic-binds-by-ilona-andrewsIlona Andrews is a wonderful writing team of Gordon and Ilona, a man and his wife. Their "Magical" series has been slowly, but steadily becoming more and more popular, with the latest novels becoming international bestsellers. So, now they're back with Magic Binds - the brand-new addition to the franchise. It's breath-taking, heart-wrenching, and thrilling - the perfect combo.

Kate, the main character of the novel, knows better than anybody that you don't mess with magic, especially in the new Atlanta. But even she couldn't have known what fate had in stores for her. At the same time, Kate and Curran are - at last - ready to commit to each other and become an official couple. However, there are constant obstacles on their way to true happiness. They found each other, and they love each other, but something's desperately trying to break them apart.

A Witch is claiming that if Kate marries the Beast, the whole world will turn to ashes, and the one that she loves will be forever gone. Kate doesn't really know where to go or whom to turn to - she's a bit lost in all the prophecies and predictions. The odds seem to all be against her, and the future isn't looking to be bright and beautiful, despite all of Kate's efforts. But, she's never been one to back down from a fight or to follow the rules.

Ilona Andrews did a brilliant job with Magic Binds and delivered exactly what the fans have been waiting for: an action-packed, dynamic, gripping novel that's well worth the time (and money) spent. The story is captivating, the main characters are charming, and the non-stop action-drama keeps you on your feet. Bravo!

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