Magic-Born-By-Caethes-FaronContemporary fantasy is becoming more and more popular these days, and writers like Caethes Faron "propel" the genre to the next level. Magic Born is a brilliantly-written, fun, engaging and entertaining novel that you can enjoy while cozying up in your favorite chair (or bed). Kat, a regular student, is trying to cope with the passing of her adoptive mom and dad, and the only thing that helps her forget the pain is a stupid online game.

However, when Alex, a total stranger, gives her a breath-taking necklace made of amber, the real life starts to look and feel more like the fantasy game and less like the ordinary life. Yes, the girl is startled and stunned by this, and she's got no one else to go to for answers but Alex.

The guy turns out to be a shifter and he tells the girl that her mom used to be a powerful magician from an alternative universe where magic plays a vital part in people's lives. Then, he explains that she was killed for that very necklace that her daughter now possesses. Oh, and one last thing: the ruthless murderer is now after Kat, and she needs to act fast if she wants to stay alive.

Alex and Kat miraculously escape the killer’s wrath and the fella convinces her that they need to go to Elustria - the secret universe - they'll be safe there. Next, Casper, the man behind that online game, reaches out to the girl. He claims that he was close with her dead mom and they created it together. The game's purpose is to locate and aid mages from all over the globe. He's the only one who can teach Kat how to put her newly-found powers to good use. But, she needs to let go of the talisman. So, who should the girl trust: Alex, or Casper?

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